Month: April 2022

Assembly- 30th April, 2022

Theme – Shifting focus from worries. Thought: Worry clogs the brain and paralyzes the thought. A troubledbrain can not think clearly, vigorously, locally. Speech: The truth is we are constantly trying to fix and improve thingsthat are not directly in our control. The more we try, the moreexhausted and helpless we feel. Because they are […]

Assembly- 29th April, 2022

Theme: World dance forms Thought: Dancing is the rhythm of the soul expressed in movement, beauty, art, and creativity. Speech: The International Dance Day (IDD) is observed every year on April 29 to recognise the value of the art form across the world. It marks the birth anniversary of French dancer Jean-Georges Navarre, the creator […]

Assembly- 27th April, 2022

Theme: Tribal groups Thought: The tribe has a vested interest in making sure that theresources are protected for the future generations. Its not part of atribal culture to decimate a resource. Speech: In India, travel communities have been residing since the pastand even in the present existence there are tribal groups throughoutthe country. Travel groups […]

Assembly- 26th April 2022

Theme: Major inventions of the world. Thought: Necessity may be the mother of invention, but inventionbrings its own benefits as these brilliant inventors have shown. Speech: Humans see problems and immediately start thinking of waysto fix them in the community, at work, at school, and at home bycreating a new tool or technology. For example, […]

Assembly- 25th April 2022

Theme: Clothing Thought: Clothing is a way to say who you are without having tospeak. Speech: Clothes are like language, can be used both for deception andexpression. They can communicate a personality transparently, theycan also help achieve a camouflage and carry through an illusion. Ourways of clothing make a huge difference to what people think […]

Assembly- 23rd April 22

Theme: Good character Thought: “Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. Theshadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” Speech: The famous basketball coach John Wooden said somethingvery similar: “The true test of a man’s character is what he does whenno one is watching.”It all comes down […]

Assembly- 22th April 22

Theme: Earth Day Thought: let us listen to the voice of unborn generations and make theearth the hospitable place that any human being deserves. Speech(English): Earth Day is annually observed on 22nd Aprilthroughout the world to celebrate and honour planet earth, and itsnatural environment. The Earth Day movement is primarily aimed atprotecting and conserving the […]

Assembly- 19th April 22

Theme: Art forms around the world Thought: Before a child talks they sing. Before they write they draw. Assoon as they stand they dance. Art is fundamental to humanexpression. Speech: Art is an expansive field that surrounds several areas. Peopleinterpret it as per their understanding, but it would not be wrong to saythat art means […]

Assembly- 18th April 22

Theme : Monuments Thought: Monuments are the grappling- irons that bind one generationto another. Speech: The architectural building which has a historical value areconsidered a monument. India is a land where several kingdoms cameinto existence and got extinct, but the major buildings developedduring those phases are still appreciated and discussed among thepeople.Taj Mahal is one […]