Month: August 2022

Assembly 27th august

27th August                       Assembly                        Class- 3 Theme – Common wealth games Thought – A commonwealth is a traditional English term for a political community founded for the common good. The Games aim to unite the Commonwealth […]

Assembly 26th august

26th August                    Assembly                           Class- IV Theme – Sporting Heroes Thought – Sports are about those incredible moments where sheer human will and desire overcomes the odds. An athlete cannot run with money in […]

Assembly 25th august

25th August                    Assembly                            Class- V Theme – Quiet the mind and the soul will speak: Meditation Thought – Meditation is not spacing-out or running away. Meditation is a vital way to purify and […]

Assembly 24th august

24thAugust Assembly Class-VITheme–Balance between sports and academicsThought– While academics provide knowledge,a sportteaches the invaluable traits of teamwork, leadership,persistence, hard work, respect towards others, stressmanagement,continuous enhancementofone’s skills,andmost importantly–acceptance of success and failure in anunfazed manner.Speech– There are many research findings which highlightthat children dabbling with both sports and academics arebetter focused, as discipline, concentration, and timemanagement […]

Assembly 22nd august

22nd August Assembly Class- IITheme –Indoor gamesThought– Indoor games were originally invented to helppeople amuse themselves within the confines of their homes.They were invented to pass time at home when, either theweather was badSpeech– Leisure time is time to enjoy ourselves and to enlivenour spirits. Besides outdoor games, there are some indoorgames, which can be […]

Assembly 18th august

18th August                          Assembly                                  Class- III Theme – Janmashtami Thought –.Festivals are not just celebrated for cultural or religious reasons. Festivals have much more to offer to the people. They bring people together and create a sense of belonging in the community. Speech – Janmashtami is also referred to as Gokulashtami, Srikrishna Jayanti and many other names. […]

Assembly 17th august

17th August                          Assembly                                  Class- IV Theme – Olympics Thought – The important thing in life is not victory but combat; it is not to have vanquished but to have fought well. For athletes, the Olympics are the ultimate test of their worth. The Olympic Games is a celebration of discipline. Speech – The Olympic Games […]

Assembly 16th august

16th August                          Assembly                                  Class- V Theme – Sports and fitness Thought – The body achieves what the mind believes.“Once you are exercising regularly, the hardest thing is to stop it.” If you don’t make time for exercise, you’ll probably have to make time for illness. Speech – Sports and physical activities are an important part […]

Assembly 13th August

13th August                           Assembly                            Class- VI Theme – World Organ Donation Day Thought – It is a gesture of kindness and heroism if you can give away your precious organs to somebody else who needs them. Organ donation is a noble act, a deed that could be done to save the lives of people even after the […]