Month: September 2022

Assembly-21st September

21st September                      Assembly.                        Class VI Theme: International Day of Peace Thought:  “Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.” Speech: United Nations […]

Assembly-20th September

20th September.                      Assembly.                  Class I and VIII Theme: Indian Poet – Ramdhari Singh Dinkar  Thought:Just as all the rivers meet in the ocean, similarly all the virtues eventually! merges with selfishness. – Ramdhari Singh Dinkar  Speech: Ramdhari […]

Assembly-19th September

19th September.                 Assembly.                  Class II Theme: Indian Poet – Sumitra Nandan Pant Thought:The most powerful thing in Pant Ji is that, like Shelley, he makes his composition mellifluous and tender by enriching it with numerous similes and metaphors. Speech: […]

Assembly-15th September

15th September           Assembly            Class IV Theme: Indian Poet – Kalidas Thought: Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness – Kalidasa Speech: Kalidasa is the greatest known Sanskrit dramatist and poet and in his hands Sanskrit literature had reached its zenith. He flourished […]

Assembly 3rd september

3rd September                 Assembly          Class-Nur & Prep Theme –  Teachers day Thought –With the new day comes new thoughts and new strength. Speech – 1 .We celebrate Teacher’s day to show our gratitude and respect to our teachers. 2. According to the Hindu calendar, Guru Purnima in the month of June – July is celebrated as […]

Assembly 2nd september

2nd September                 Assembly          Class-Nur & Prep Theme –  Teachers day Thought –The best teachers are the ones who inspire their students. Speech – 1. Parents give us life and teachers give way to our life. 2. We should always obey and respect our teachers. 3. Thank you teachers for everything. Words for the day: skyscraper […]

Assembly 1st september

1st September                 Assembly              Class-Nur & Prep Theme –  Teachers day Thought – Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, learn from them and grow. Speech – 1.Teacher’s are the most respected person in the  students life. 2.Every year teachers day  is celebrated on 5th of September. It is celebrated on the birth anniversary of former President […]